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Let us revive your furniture to get back your love all over again
Sofa Wala
Sofa Wala

Don’t throw away your damaged furniture. Call Sofa Wala and let our skilled craftsmen repair and restore your furniture, curtains/blinds and other wood surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We’ll come to your home or place of business to complete repairs and restoration services on your schedule to revive that scratched couch to refresh with a new look and fix furniture joint and structural damage.

Sofa Wala provides a full array of services to repair or restore the furniture in your home or off-site.

Furniture Repair & Restore: Return the original look and beauty to furniture that has been damaged or lost its functionality.

Furniture Painting: Painting wood furniture gives life to new and old pieces. Our process includes carefully sanding and repairing blemishes, followed by applying relevant primer and paint.

Dent / Scratch Repair: We use special products and techniques to fill in dents, scratches to restore your furniture.

Expert Color Matching: We can custom color-match wood furnishings, millwork and upholstery to existing furniture colors and stains.

Leather Furniture: If your leather sofas, recliners or barstool seats have rips, scratches or abrasions, our expert technicians at Sofa Wala can restore their original charm and elegance. Most of our repairs can be completed on site and on your schedule. However, the extent of the damage may require your furniture to be repaired at an off-site facility. We have a variety of leather repair treatments like repair loose seams, torn places and holes in leather furniture, also Touch-up leather abrasions, burns, flaps and worn areas on leather.

Sofa Wala